About Matsumae Commemoration Hall

The Matsumae Commemoration Hall was built as a token of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Tokai University in 1946.

Tokai University was originally founded by Shigeyoshi Matsumae as the Aerial Science College in Shimizu, Shizuoka, in 1943. Its further origin can be traced back to "Bosei Gakujuku", an educational and training institute for youths, established in Musashino, Tokyo. This institute was founded by Dr. Matsumae, using the Asano Scholarship Prize for its financial base which he received from the Institute of Electrical Engineering for his invention of the "Long Distance Unloaded Cable Carrier Communication System" in 1936. Young Matsumae was inspired by Dr. Kanzo Uchimura at his Bible Study Group, and also was deeply impressed by the efforts of the Danish Folk High School in building a strong and peaceful nation under N.F.S. Grundtvig's thoughts. Shigeyoshi Matsumae thus established this private institute on the model of the Danish Folk High School to strengthen the nation through education. Starting out as a small private school, Tokai University has gone through many crises and difficulties in half a century to reach the present state. The very source of energy for such glorious development is nothing but the suggestive thoughts and ideas of the founder.

The Matsumae Commemoration Hall symbolized this history of Tokai University, and at the same time, makes it an aim to transmit the founder's thoughts to the future generation.

The Hall reminds us of the founding spirit and the historical meaning of Tokai University which continues its renewed progress into the 21st century.